METI Governance Committee

The METI Governance Committee is in the process of being formed and will play a crucial role in overseeing the development and implementation of operating governance procedures outlined in the METI Rulebook. This committee will ensure the integrity, effectiveness, and transparency of METI's operations, guiding the organization towards achieving its mission and vision. We are currently seeking qualified individuals to join us in shaping this vital aspect of METI's core operations.


Our mission is to establish and maintain robust governance structures that support METI's commitment to sustainability, transparency, and innovation in environmental markets. The Governance Committee will oversee the creation and implementation of policies and procedures that ensure the credibility and reliability of METI's services and products.


We envision METI as a leader in environmental markets, known for its rigorous governance standards and its ability to foster trust and confidence among stakeholders. By implementing strong governance practices, we aim to enhance the quality and impact of METI's offerings, supporting the broader goals of environmental sustainability and carbon reduction.


The METI Governance Committee will meet regularly with METI management to review the development of METI's programs and address strategic and major operational issues. The committee members will fulfill the following tasks:

  • Rulebook: Oversee the development, implementation and refinement of the METI Rulebook and its operational procedures, including but not limited to formation of an industry accepted dispute resolution mechanism, core principles of governance, and the orientation of procedures and processes to meet an evolving regulatory landscape.

  • Exchange, discuss, and advise: Support strategic, future-oriented developments of METI with professional expertise and scientific background.

  • Program review: Regularly review the progress and development of METI's programs.

  • Operational involvement: Participate in strategic and major operational issues and their respective implementation measures.

  • Stakeholder communication: Network and communicate with relevant stakeholders, including researchers, civil society, and private sector entities, to enhance the publicity and credibility of METI's programs.


The METI Governance Committee will comprise a minimum of three and up to eight external members from relevant sectors and regions. Key stakeholder groups, such as regulators, carbon accountants, traders, brand owners, retailers, researchers, NGOs, and civil society organizations, will be represented in the committee. The composition of the external members will be equally distributed among different stakeholder groups, with an emphasis on international representation and experience.

  • Individual roles: Members will hold individual positions, not representing their companies.

  • Leadership: The committee will be chaired by an independent Chairperson, supported by a Vice Chairperson. These positions will be elected by the committee members immediately after its formation, with each term lasting three years.

Appointment of New Members

New members are elected to the METI Advisory Board by a simple majority vote of the current members. Abstaining from a vote is counted as a no-vote.

Nominations to the METI Advisory Board are for a term of three years, with the possibility of re-nomination for subsequent terms.

Advisory Board members may resign at any time by submitting written notice to the Chairperson.

Members are expected to uphold and act in alignment with the visions and objectives of the METI Program.

A Board member can only be dismissed for a valid reason.


The METI Advisory Board is required to meet in person at least once a year. Additional quarterly meetings can be held virtually (e.g., via telephone conference or shared screen session) with specific thematic focuses, coordinated with Advisory Board members.

Each Advisory Board member holds one seat and one vote. Voting is conducted by a show of hands, and decisions are made by a simple majority. Abstaining from a vote is considered a no-vote.

Call to Action

We invite individuals with expertise in governance, environmental markets, sustainability, and related fields to join our Governance Committee. If this opportunity aligns with your interests and you want to learn more about how you can contribute to METI's mission and vision, please get in touch with us.


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